Gel Stain & Top Coat - 946mL - Fusion Mineral Paint


Product Description

This one-step brush on stain and tough protective coating provides a durable, rich, satin finish - perfect for heavily used interior surfaces. It is ideal for areas that are washed frequently - table tops, bathroom vanities, even floors! This hard-wearing, maintenance-free interior finish enhances the beauty of natural wood while resisting water, food stains, alcohol, grease, and detergents.

How to apply: Stir thoroughly before applying. Do not shake - this introduces bubbles. There is no need to strip or completely sand your surface - just ensure it is clean and dry.

Apply a thin coat using a brush or microfiber roller (not foam) in a dust-free area. One coat will appear translucent, and subsequent coats will build to a solid colour.

Let the gel stain dry for about 4 hours between coats. The surface can be used after 24 hours, but the gel stain takes 5 days to fully cure. Gel stain can be cleaned up using mineral spirits. If using on new, raw wood, the first coat should be thinned by using 1 part mineral spirits and 4 parts gel stain.

One 946 mL (1 quart) jar covers approximately 120 square feet.

Available in Patina (Clear) and 3 different colours: Black, Double Espresso & Greystone.


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