Set of 2 Aroma Travel Car Diffuser Refills - Maison Berger


Product Description

The Aroma Travel Car Diffuser Refills are specifically for people who get ill on car journeys. The three main olfactory notes in this aromatic garden - peppermint, ginger and amber - help to fight travel sickness. The olfactory composition is enriched in essential oils with anti-nausea virtues. No need to stress or carry out numerous rituals before getting in the car!

The Aroma Travel Aromatic Garden fragrance captivates you with its powerful and spicy notes of ginger. Supported on the one hand by reassuring and refreshing mint and on the other by a mellow amber facet. The whole is enriched with essential oils with anti-nausea properties so that travel sickness is nothing but a distant memory!


Bergamot, Mint, Eucalyptus


Tea, Rose, Ginger


Amber, Musk

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