Set of 2 Vanilla Gourmet Car Diffuser Refills - Maison Berger


Product Description

Transform even the most mundane drives into a gourmet experience with the Vanilla Gourmet car diffuser refills. This fragrance is delicious from the first notes, opening with intoxicating rum and woody star anise. It then continues with a heart fully devoted to warm, sweet vanilla. Finally, the base notes create an enveloping ambiance where the strength of cocoa and tonka beans are gently harnessed by soft, creamy musk. Look forward to your drives filled with a sweet, soothing, familiar scent. Make your car into your own vanilla-scented cocoon and enjoy the feeling of driving in a gourmand paradise.

The Vanilla Gourmet Home Fragrance is a delicately smooth fragrance that opens with an intoxicating rum facet accompanied by the milky sweetness of star anise. The heart is rich with the complex savor of vanilla pods. At the base, emphasized with the strength of cocoa beans and Tonka beans, the fragrance gently wraps itself in the creamy sweetness of musk.


Rum, Anise


Vanilla Liquor, Vanilla Pod


Cocoa, Tonka Bean, Musk

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