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For more than 15 years, SamaN has been involved in the wood coating and finishing industry. As suppliers of wood floor finishes, it was only natural that they introduce a wood floor maintenance line.

Stemming from this experience, their line has now expanded into two different categories:

  • AquaShine (ready-to-use, water-based hardwood and laminated cleaning products, which are easy to use and don't leave any smears, residues, or require any rinsing; and

  • Refinishing line (for hardwood floors only)

The introduction of a revolutionary water-based wood stain was launched in the Canadian market in 1998. This product is now well established in the wood stain DIY market. SamaN is environmentally friendly, leaves no overlap marks, does not raise the wood grain or require any pre-conditioners. These qualities make this product not only unique, but an industry standard.

By having gained acceptance and consumer loyalty in the Canadian and American markets with their two original products, SamaN and AquaShine, Saman have always remained committed to supplying new and innovative products in the field of paint and decoration, focusing on important environmental issues.

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