Introducing the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year for 2022 and Colour Trends

2022 Colour of the Year - October Mist (CC-550)

October Mist (CC-550 and 1495) the description of the 2022 Colour of the Year on the Benjamin Moore website is evocative of a stem as a flower. This gently shaped sage uplifts.  It is a mid-tone colour with a Light Reflective Value of 46.33.   It is not overpowering and can be a nice alternative to a grey.  The 2022 Colour Palette by Benjamin Moore includes a number of 'green' colours, offered as an alternative to the traditional and popular grey that has dominated the colour palette and design projects over the last decade.  Green is a natural progression as a neutral colour in a room, that can accented with bolder compliments, as you can have grey elements present in green.  Green is uplifting and restorative as a colour.  What is old is new again - many of the popular colours for 2022 may have been seen in the 1980's, but are now making a comeback in a bold and refreshing manner.

There are a number of complimentary options to the 2022 COTY which are included in the Colour Trends Palette.  Other colours with earthy components, with grey, taupe, griege, some browns can nicely compliment October Mist.  Before purchasing a large quantity, we offer 1 pint samples of paint to test the colour to ensure that it reflects the theme on the wall to which you are striving.  At Erin Mills Paint and Decor, we also have in-house interior design experts that can assist in ensuring the colour palette chosen for your home renovation or refresh project aligns with your vision and aesthetic. 

2022 Colour Trends Palette

The 2022 Colour Trends Palette in introduced in conjunction with the 2022 Colour of the Year to provide a broader them of complimentary colours.  These colours are a suite of shades that evoke Benjamin Moore's vision for the future of design. Green is being seen as a significant colour to use going forward.  Interior design has focused on neutral colours for a long period of time now in the off-white and grey categories.   More than a third of the colour introduced in this colour palette are green-based, suggesting a change in tone from the interior design industry.  A brief summary of the colours contained in the 2022 Colour Trends Palette is noted below:

Wild Flower (2090-40)
A dusty coral colour with an LRV of 23.23 - its vibrance makes it uplifting. It will really pop against October Mist as a backdrop.  The "flower petals" of Wild Flower compliment the "stem" of October Mist.

Pale Moon (OC-108)
A soft yellow with a high light reflectance value, which gives a creamy feel. Not to be used in place of off-white.

Hint of Violet (2114-60)
A nice soft, accent colour with a light dose of violet to subtly introduce purple into a colour scheme. A nice complimentary pairing for a green.

Morning Dew (OC-140)
A combination of green and beige. A warm colour that has a high level of depth.

Smoky Green (CC-700)
Green with a slight blue tone. One of the few cool colours included in the colour palette.

Fernwood Green (2140-50)
A strong yellow bold undertone makes it a warm green.

High Park (CC-620)
A dusty emerald green. Close to teal.

Gloucester Sage (HC-100)
Wrought iron covered with moss. A deep grey, brown base, toned with some green. The earthy colour would coordinate nicely with October Mist.

Natural Linen (966)
Neutral beige.

Collectors Item (AF-45)
Light colour with a high light reflective value.  A nice light beige with a slight orange undertone in a pleasant manner.

Venetian Portico (AF-185)
Clay based colours are a natural compliment to green. A colour that goes will with dark furniture or hardwood flooring.

Steam (AF-15)
Part of the Affinity Colour Collection. It's light enough to be used as a colour on trim and doors. It has a taupe undertone that keeps it soft.

Mysterious (AF-565)
Dark, off-black, blue colours with a touch of purple undertone. Meant to be an accent or to stand out on its own. Can compliment very nicely with dark hardwood flooring.
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